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Lynda Monk

"I always appreciate your friendly ways, the timeliness in which things are done and how the team works diligently on things. I am working to significantly grow the online (virtual retreats, online coaching programs, product offerings, etc.) end of my business and this will involve new projects for the team on the path ahead. Again, thank you for being an important part of my business. I value having all of you on my virtual team."

~With gratitude, Lynda

Scott Parisi

"I have been working with Bizhawkz since October of 2008 when I launched an informational website. Since then we have become a leading voice in the Green Hospitality Industry. The work that Amit, Vandana, Devender and the rest of the team has done to support our online identity, security and searchability has shown wonderful results."

~Scott Parisi

Susan Kullman

"Working with Neha at Bizhawkz is a wonderful experience as her and her team are very trust worthy, timely and creative. I've gone through many web design changes over the years of working with them and I am constantly satisfied and very well supported. I highly recommend them."

~Susan Kullman

Bill Flocco

"I would like to share my thoughts about Mohit and the wonderful job he has been doing. I want to express my appreciation to you and your company for having Mohit work with me and I thank you and Mohit for the wonderful job done on the website and the pleasure it always is to work with him."

~Bill Flocco

George Boyd

"I began working with this web design team in New Delhi, India in October 2012. They have been assisting me with a website redesign for my key existing web site. This is a very complex project involving Creating content for multiple menu tab items. creating a membership area where site visitors can access classes, hundreds of webinars and a variety of coaching programs. Hundreds of articles in a library area—somewhere around 600+ pages all together, with more to be developed as of this writing. I have so far been impressed with their willingness to take on this complex project and to experiment with different ideas and modify them to find optimal solutions. They communicate with me on a regular basis. They have provided their services at a very reasonable rate, compared with anything available in North America or Europe. They also converted another existing site into the new look I'm using with the master site and did this entire project in about two weeks. While you may not need a complex membership site like I do, their willingness to do everything necessary to convert your ideas into a finished project is to be commended and I can recommend them to you without reservation."

~George Boyd

Stephanie Pedersen

"I have been working with Bizhawkz for several years now and just adore them. I am a nutritionist, speaker, health educator and author. I am also a mom of three very busy sons. In other words, I do not have a lot of time. Bizhawkz is what allows me to do all these things successfully. I just don't have the time to create websites, update webpages, program tweets, make facebook banners, design pdfs, implement an affiliate program, deal with scheduling newsletters, run my telesummits and more. I love that I can give my team tasks and they have the tasks done and ready for me to check by the next day. My sons are performers and I even have Bizhawkz design and update their websites."

~Stephanie Pedersen

Ted Koontz

"Business Bizhawkz has been an instrumental part of growing my online business for several years now. I tried other vendors both in the United States as well as overseas without much success. The staff at Business Bizhawkz have are very easy to work with – they work to my schedule versus having to meet late in the evening or in the very early morning. They speak English fluently and work through the natural language barriers in a positive and proactive manner. They take the time to understand what exactly I am trying to accomplish and are diligent in trying to solve the business issues first as well as then working through the technical aspects of the delivery process. I have found them to be very efficient and diligent in completing tasks on time and on budget and forth right when there are issues or delays. I would certainly recommend them to other small businesses as they start their online businesses – whether it is a basic web site or a more complicated web presence with an online store or other critical feature."

~Ted Koontz

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

"Overall we have been very pleased with the work received by Amit and the OSS team.They take a very personalized approach to their service offerings and they strive to ensure that the customer requirements are understood and what is provided back is consistent with the need.They do ask questions to be sure they understand the requirements and are very easy to work with.Despite the time zone differences, they are accommodating in arranging client meetings. OSS readily accepts, learns and utilizes our internal CRM and tracking systems and tries to be "one of the team." They are generally quite responsive to task requests and questions.When the needs are fully understood, the quality of the finished product are excellent.We would and have, recommended them to our own partners and associates."

~Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

Ben Gioia

"Neha is an excellent project manager and I really enjoy working with her. She asks great questions and also helps me think about aspects of the job that I hadn't considered before. I appreciate her calm, intelligence and dedication to creating the best possible outcome."

~Ben Gioia

Jean Gerson Greer

"My experience with Bizhawkz has been outstanding. These folks are fast and accurate with their work. They meet or exceed every commitment and they continually exceed my expectations of them! I am thrilled to have them as my virtual assistants and web development partners!"

~Jean Adrienne

Bob Tomes & Jane Warren

"We have worked with the team at Bizhawkz for 18 months. They have been professional, knowledgeable, speedy and provided very good value for money. I have enjoyed interacting with them and working through approaches and solutions together. We have 6 active Wordpress sites and they have handled them all (and our changing priorities and directions!) with accuracy and skill."

~Bob Tomes & Jane Warren

"Some things take longer than they should, which is why I hired Mohit from Bizhawkz. He and his team literally work will I sleep and allow me to wake in the morning with sales pages already done! I'm very grateful for their knowledge and efforts."

~Sirena Andrea

Ed Reese

"I have been very, very impressed with the team at Bizhawkz. They are professional, courteous and very hard working. While there is always a learning curve working with a new organization, they have risen to the challenge and provided an excellent value. I do have some advice that will probably help. This is applicable for any organization, though. The quality you get out of it is directly proportional to the effort you put into it. Guidance really helps the quality of the projects. With a little bit of effort you'll be amazed by the results."

~Ed Reese

Monique Wells

"I've entrusted the management of the "back-end" of my numerous Websites to Bizhawkz for several years now and have complete confidence in their work. I have also engaged them to do graphics work and transcriptions and have been thoroughly pleased with the results. The group is conscientious, quick to respond and concerned about quality. I've just engaged them for another 100 hours of service!"

~Monique Wells

James Ehrlich

"I have had the great pleasure of working closely with Neha Bhogra of Bizhawkz. Neha combines great understanding of the needs of internet marketers, extreme professionalism, a wonderfully positive attitude and great communication skills to make sure clients are satisfied and their goals are reached."One of her great assets is realistic goal setting and organization skills to ensure successful project management and sound website and graphic development.In every case, she has responded in a timely fashion to my requests, communicated our strategy to her team and delivered results that uniformly exceed my expectations.I can recommend Ms. Bhogra without any reservations---she is a tremendous asset and represents her organization well."

~James Ehrlich

"In August of 2014 I began to go totally insane trying to have my then current website changed to WordPress. I mentioned this one day to a friend who told me to contact Bizhawkz and Amit Sharma, the head of this wonderfully talented and gracious company. Amit assigned the most wonderful woman to supervise and guide me, Rachna Bhatia. She even taught me how to use Skype as I had just purchased a new computer with Skype access. Pulkit Bhatia also worked closely in the very beginning, but only for a short while. Very quickly, Rachna became the sole Project Manager of my website and she is a gem in all meanings of the word. Even with the time difference between here and India, my questions are answered almost immediately and one evening we did a Skype session after she got home. Her call was a little late and when she apologized for the delay due traffic, in reaching her abode, I nearly fell off my chair! These people work above and beyond the call of duty. Another point is that these people works six days a week and even send out my monthly blogs to my MailChimp list which they then put it on Facebook."

~Jean Gerson Greer

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